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To anonymous, Whoever you are thank you for appreciating my work and really able to request.
I hope you can able to request to me more and I will grateful to accept your request.
Keep on following to my blog and my graphics
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New graphics thread!!! Please read 1st post!

To anonymous member....
You can request to me through comment or in chat...

Don't worry you can comment here. I also allowed anonymous to comment at my blog and be able to request something good...

Just read the ff. rules...
1.You can give me a details like this [Airi suzuki,Blue,530x130,banner] for an easy request...
2.Once you request I post it at my thread so please visit my thread here...
3.You can also request me a sketch just take a look here
4. Be sure to comment here or to my chat box. And I'm waiting for your request

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it is confirmed by the H!P site, Junjun and Linlin have opened their own blogs on the chinese blog site, "sina
Blog - Junjun




モーニング娘。のジュンジュンとリンリンのブログが中国サイトsina でスタート!

【ジュンジュン ブログ】

【リンリン ブログ】

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Hello to all of you. I'm so happy to open my own Graphics thread.... Please enter to my paradise as you wish to see the graphics that I made. I set a few rules to follow. I open request to all of you. To those people who doesn't have any account there. You can request here at my blog. I hope you support my Official Graphics Thread....


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I hope that all of you will help us in adding thread and fixing this site. To do that thing be part
of this community. This is a new community that really need a help of Berry and HSJ's fan to fix this site. And I will hope for your cooperation
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Morning Musume new stage play "Fashionable" CM # 2
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JUMP Combi-Awards

Best Couple
1st place: Arioka Daiki&Yamada Ryosuke
2nd place: Yamada Ryosuke&Chinen Yuuri
3rd place: Chinen Yuuri&Takaki Yuya

Daiki and Yamada says:

Yamada: Wow~, I don’t really care about the results of this placing.

Arioka: Honestly, I’m not that happy.

Yamada: Yeah… but oi, you seem really happy now (laughs).

Arioka: Ahahahaha! Yeah, I’m happy. We are really close. Should we say what we like about each other!?

Yamada: I can’t say that.

Arioka: That’s right~. It’s really embarrassing, and I can’t say them in front of you. But I’ll say them anyways. I like everything about Yamada.

Yamada: That’s disgusting, stop it~ (<-He’s actually very happy.) But, I like everything about you too… I can’t say that! I know what Daichan’s thinking about usually.

Arioka: Yeah, same here. So we don’t really need to talk.

Yamada: Eh, I need to talk!

Arioka: Really (laughs)? I hope we stay the same in the future… but who knows? About 4 years ago, we had a huge fight so…

Yamada: Ah~ we did! Daichan intruded in between me and this other Jr’s fight.

Arioka: Although Yamada wasn’t the bad person in the fight, I believed the rumors that the other person was spreading about Yamada so I went and confronted him.

Yamada: After that day, my self confidence has…

Arioka: I remember Yamada saying to me, “A blood types and B blood types doesn’t match after all.” After he said that to me, I felt as if a huge hole had opened up in my heart. We eventually made up in the end.

Yamada: After that, we never fought. Let’s just stop all the fighting.

Best Rival
1st place: Yamada Ryosuke&Morimoto Ryutaro
2nd place: Yamada Ryosuke&Chinen Yuuri
3rd place: Yabu Kota&Yaotome Hikaru

Yamada and Ryutaro says:

Yamada: Yo, Ryu. Sit next to me (and moves over to make space for Morimoto, who was standing next to him.)

Morimoto: … (Sits down next to him without saying a word.)

Yamada: Ryu’s my rival. He has that kind of face.

Morimoto: Errrm, I’m not your rival. Yamachan’s just strong so it’s not as if I’m rivals with him. I always lose in our fights. Even now, my thumb on my right hand still hurts.

Yamada: Where?

Morimoto: Here (and shows him his thumb).

Yamada: That, it’ll feel better if you spit on it!

Morimoto: I won’t spit on it. This is Yamachan’s fault so apologize―.

Yamada: Was that during our little sword fight?

Morimoto: Yeah! I found a little sword-toy, and I was like, “It’s my sowrd!” and I was about to play with it when…

Yamada: Anything that Ryu holds, I want it.

Morimoto: But it’s alright, if our relationship is always a rivalry-relationship.

Yamada: But isn’t it because you feel lonely if I don’t care for you?

Morimoto: Yeah, I don’t like it (ß blatantly) So it’s fine like this. But please be a bit nicer to me. There are times when it seriously hurts.

Yamada: Oh my, you’re so honest and cute.

Best Boke&Tsukkomi (- a performer(boke) in a show whose role is to appear silly so that the other performers (tsukkomi) can make jokes about him or her)
1. Yabu Kota&Yaotome Hikaru
2. Inoo Kei&Yaotome Hikaru
3. Yamada Ryosuke&Yaotome Hikaru

Yabu&Hikaru says:

Yabu: You’re so cool, Hikaru~. You were chosen as the “boke” for all 3 places.

Yaotome: But within that, Yabu was chosen as the #1 “tsukkomi” which means you should be named, “JUMP’s Tsukkomi Prince”. That’s also amazing―!

Yabu: Ahahahaha (laughs). Then I’ll continue to “tsukkomi”-you. … but we play both roles don’t we.

Yaotome: Yeah. At least I play both roles. But I think I play the “boke” role more. So before Yabu’s engine warms up, I start by saying a lot of stupid jokes.

Yabu: That’s true (laughs). It also depends on that day’s situation.

Yatome: For “Shuumatsu YY JUMPing” (“Weekend YY JUMPing)many comedians come on as guests, so I guess naturally I take in their jokes.

Yabu: Yeah. If there was a tsukkomi combi, they would sometimes make stupid jokes only…

Yaotome: If you work with a boke-comedian, you would always have to do the “tsukkomi”. So I think we can both do “boke” and “tsukkomi”.

Yabu: Speaking of which, haven’t you been saying a bunch of jokes recently Hikaru?

Yaotome: Ahaha (laughs).

Yabu: I don’t mind you saying them. But stop saying them on live shows!

Yaotome: Because I just randomly think one up~. 10 years down the road, they’ll help me with my “boke”.

Yabu: Sometimes your jokes are really amazing, I need support.

Yaotome: They’re too specific so sometimes, nobody understand them (laughs). Ahaha

Don’t really talk a lot
1. Okamoto Keito&Inoo Kei
2. Okamoto Keito&Takaki Yuya
3. Inoo Kei&Morimoto Ryutaro

Inoo&Keito Says:

Inoo: That’s right, exactly right! We’ve never talked before.

Okamoto: Not exactly “never”. We’re together a bunch of times yaknow. Well, our chats are usually just, “How are you?”. Basically, we don’t really talk… Since we’re both untalkative, we both don’t want to start a conversation.

Inoo: We never talk about where we want to go… We’ve… never talked about one topic deeply have we?

Okamoto: I’m completely fine with that.

Inoo: Are you serious. When nobody talks, I get really nervous inside…

Okamoto: Inochan often asks me about his college homework, right?

Inoo: Ooh~ yeah yeah. I ask him for help in English, but he always says, “I don’t know how to explain this in Japanese” and our session ends. Damn Britain~!

Okamoto: Ahaha. There’s no point in saying the answer though (laughs).

Inoo: Tell me the answer please (cries).

Okamoto: I wonder how we can become talkative?

Inoo: Do you want to go out to get a bite to eat one day? Ah, let’s go to a ramen shop! There’s a place where I’ve been wanting to go~.

Okamoto: Is it one of those bar-type restaurants?

Inoo: Yup, we have to sit in one line!

Okamoto; We can properly talk then if we were in that position… But we would have to eat quickly or else the noodle will go bad.

Inoo: Oh…